Gamers Unlimited – Triple Threat

Gamers Unlimited – Triple Threat

The Gamers (480p), Dorkness Rising (720p), and Hands of Fate Extended (1080p), all in one package for your viewing pleasure.

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Gamers Unlimited – Triple Threat
  • The Gamers: Dorkness Rising

    Struggling writer Lodge (Nathan Rice) isn't asking for much: he wants his gaming group to finish playtesting his table-top adventure, rather than killing, looting, and debauching his fantasy world. Desperate to save the integrity of his story from the whims of his players' crazy characters—a horn...

  • The Gamers

    The original Gamers featurette! A 480p download of the story that started it all—join Newmoon, Ambrose, Rogar, and Nimble on their epic quest to defeat The Shadow and rescue a princess.

  • The Gamers: Hands of Fate Extended Edition